autumn leaves

March 14, 2012 § Leave a comment

[verse 1 + 2]

Wind blows hard

your shoes were not laced

a graced little smile

and you gave itself away.


Afternoon wonders

over all the sights

from mountain tops to green plains

from thee to mine’s


with a shave across time

and the path that sets us afar?

howls adorning with lights

holding firm to the lines

that hold ‘em to the ground.



Autumn leaves

leaves me nothing to perceive,

Unaware of your thoughts

in the back of my mind.


Little verses of you

I seek to find

and piece to piece

and them all I hope will alight.

will your eyes notice any signs?


[verse 2 + 3]

Silent words

speaks your name

instead of the rhymes.


Have you ever seen flowers

cachet claimed

near lakes that allied?


Unfolded doors

for us to come in and out

a hand scrapes my arm.

and I felt I let you down,

a tale I can’t tell

weaving, regarded or lives

those shivering hands cannot write.



has any year to come

among the kids you see –

something let you down

but then don’t come to me


[chorus 2]

Autumn leaves

carry acorns to perceive,

for the old saying that you know well

how it goes


One day those mighty oaks

will stop to grow


When all will leave

and believe us alone in tide

– will arrive



I ween you seen the shores

near the shivering sands

chosen matters or don’t really understand

the fact that, as the leaves, I won’t leave you once again

sometimes I may begone but that’s not for me to know

– not for me to know.




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