Closed-eyes lyrics

April 30, 2012 § Leave a comment

There are days I want to keep my eyes opened

so I cannot pretend I am not living this life

so I cannot run from my troubles aside

so I cannot turn my face to all the people around


But it is hard sometimes

so hard sometimes


I try to prove in lyrics what I feel or felt

but the words end mashed up

in the garbage can in the foot of my bed

I look up and down

And I close my eyes

and run off all over again


I have curiosity over my future

and I wonder who will might up be there

And shave the thoughts of me and you

but I cannot pretend


But it is so hard sometimes

and I give in my temptations


Sometimes I try to please people I don’t know any good

and they turn me down

and they forget about me

It is not that I care

but I ask myself why do I do this

and when am I gonna be cured

from all this curse in me


I could never be optimistic

and I think I’ll never be

and this words will prove me right

or die along with me


But it is hard sometimes

and so I close my eyes


But it is hard sometimes

and so I close my eyes


And I know I am wrong

but for some minutes I can at least pretend.



silent noise

April 23, 2012 § 1 Comment

draw me,

draw me

shatters broken near your faceside

and you wonder why


there’s a lantern on your go

and your shaking hands, I’ll low

and flaws there are none

that brought me, it prones


tell me what raw noises

and tell me what raw noises

would you prefer to hear

to lean lonely

or to bear in silence,

to bear in silence.


and in time I’ll knock

in your door in the near

as it faces the lake

I’ll fear


those silence and noises

and those silent sounds

and would you prefer to listen

or draw your own loud

into our madness together

but alone and not here

Where Am I?

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