Third notes (sketch)

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From the third; you note, “the fourth”, thrice – have been in the mind of mine

lurking the gates and late I hear a soft smite, a full globe shines dark at night…

and it is hearing, hovering the lands in the mind of mine


It is aid only through thy sacrifice – and with this pain bear will the feel of life…

a deep gash born when inside grasping greets threshold and smile;

there is a huge globe full, so full of shine.


Clocks locks the domes of steel, they construct tires and wheels

from the missing tooth, “A lie” will lay, the same stinger –  now inside thy brain

read without eyes I beg you try

try and tried – cannot and won’t comply.


Chess, it’s the less – and you play, moving yourself inside my brain

I see the moves; the lane –  I cannot see the plan in plane

my turn has come

did I lose, and lost the game


Heavy footfalls urges present, weren’t they soft paces in lawn?

shackles in ankles… or have been my ear to hear much more

grand cities will be at our dawn

but shan’t we wait so long, along alive


Rumor: cults of times – mesmerize with lies – for a huge fly flies around their mouth.

Hold lamps with towels, the wheels of time

disguise and hide… until it dies, fades with faces it has made cry


Infinity will null, form the blender, shred the truth

cosmic munch and blabbering doom

the marks on skin

defines and then defies what you’ve seen.





Letters of her own

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A writer; writer she is

although she is more than this

aim to not only unfold

her eyes might see

thrust and so behold

she is the infinity of words.


Balances and unbalances

throughout no fault of ‘er own

describes the matters

as leaves falls and time falls along.


Teemed in marks

those words will blame the souls

words with voice

the mute voices of  ‘er own.


“All the people

living in her head”

it searches above and below

never really knowing, (but)

pacing, still gashed, in her road.


Again she writes,

and her eyes perceives

ought to keep pacing

letters low; (and)

ol’ numb beneath’s fading.


try the foul

her lids shapen

imagination flow,

ignites rebounds

in the creation shores –

through her fingers grow

into the plain paper

or any clean white one.


a dip of tint

and a trusting said

coming from a thunderstorm

or maybe a breeze in lawn

but it all lives along

along, inside of  ‘er own.


write to live

or live to write?

clinching words

may choosing none

the clear in mind.


Through her words

hence we won’t know

ought to find meanings

she is a writer, a writer

inside of ‘er own.




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I’ve grown up my mind

I made up myself in time


and the itches in

in line my sides as you won’t see me

an effigy.


leather scratch

and the cold in the winter in breath

feel it


I’ve overcome

the letters you didn’t  answer me

torn words


it’s hard to attorn love

awfully lost in fouls

whether to stop me

or leave me, let me be

and fuck the logic as I see


I won’t say it hurts

but I won’t say it doesn’t too


the shallow shield

I often wear in your heels

will not break


I see no light

only a blur of intuition

but that doesn’t mean

I have to stop to stroll in.


(february, 2012) – fk.


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It’s been years I felt this weird

my lungs spit kills inside of me

and my time outside goes another round

lays me above my daunt, my daunts, all


one day, I went to a doc for a prehension

he said, “done, now you see there’s nothing wrong, no”

and I said, “so am I going crazy, alas…”


he took a long breath and shut his own mouth

but stated “you only know half your mind,

there ain’t tools to find a way out

but you’re the only one who can possibly can”


I’ve been circling since then

in my own haunt and pretends

I lack the words to suffice

to tell you that

to tell you why

and I, I will green the leaves in my time.


(sketch – 25/04/2012) -fk

many us

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Many tries

alas, to none

cheerful sides


so many smiles

up to fold

maneuver slides


we never tried

as much as

each other we fooled


it bear from us

it fools us

it leaves us

it laughs at us.


(sketch – xx/xx/2011) fk

fire rusted fire

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We are fire and solid

we  rust in cold

blame the toll as I go



you should elaborate

every **** you crush

and with your teeth

share them with me


I dip into your voice

paralyzed inside

unsettle the easy hove


I give my ear for you to whisper

for me to share with myself

strung me when I’m cold



lend me your hands

and every loud noise

listen with me every loud noise

every silent one


with time, I reanimate the fire

which was already rusted

with your lips into mine

share your doubts.


(xx/xx/2009) – fk

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