May 2, 2012 § Leave a comment

It’s been years I felt this weird

my lungs spit kills inside of me

and my time outside goes another round

lays me above my daunt, my daunts, all


one day, I went to a doc for a prehension

he said, “done, now you see there’s nothing wrong, no”

and I said, “so am I going crazy, alas…”


he took a long breath and shut his own mouth

but stated “you only know half your mind,

there ain’t tools to find a way out

but you’re the only one who can possibly can”


I’ve been circling since then

in my own haunt and pretends

I lack the words to suffice

to tell you that

to tell you why

and I, I will green the leaves in my time.


(sketch – 25/04/2012) -fk


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