Third notes (sketch)

May 26, 2012 § Leave a comment

From the third; you note, “the fourth”, thrice – have been in the mind of mine

lurking the gates and late I hear a soft smite, a full globe shines dark at night…

and it is hearing, hovering the lands in the mind of mine


It is aid only through thy sacrifice – and with this pain bear will the feel of life…

a deep gash born when inside grasping greets threshold and smile;

there is a huge globe full, so full of shine.


Clocks locks the domes of steel, they construct tires and wheels

from the missing tooth, “A lie” will lay, the same stinger –  now inside thy brain

read without eyes I beg you try

try and tried – cannot and won’t comply.


Chess, it’s the less – and you play, moving yourself inside my brain

I see the moves; the lane –  I cannot see the plan in plane

my turn has come

did I lose, and lost the game


Heavy footfalls urges present, weren’t they soft paces in lawn?

shackles in ankles… or have been my ear to hear much more

grand cities will be at our dawn

but shan’t we wait so long, along alive


Rumor: cults of times – mesmerize with lies – for a huge fly flies around their mouth.

Hold lamps with towels, the wheels of time

disguise and hide… until it dies, fades with faces it has made cry


Infinity will null, form the blender, shred the truth

cosmic munch and blabbering doom

the marks on skin

defines and then defies what you’ve seen.





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