never-standing words

June 20, 2012 § Leave a comment

meet me on the street

and we walk on our own

to let our reaches keep

and heat the words on my lungs


slowly breathe

pace your rhythm into mine’s

the lawn is calm tonight

and it seems to be a while


your step is far

I hear you’ve been lacking

what you’ve got alone


my knowledge is in coma

and my optimism is in trash

but you look to me as if I cared


summers long gone

took what’s worth of me along

(but) I waved bye with no tear in eye


sometimes I think it snaps to me

in a shrouded train

hitting the back of my mind


quickly I answer bitter

and I recall the refusal aliened

the proud is tall enough

so you won’t collect its fruits

you won’t reach it at all


your tongue is sour

but your soul is loomed

and there is room

for you to be full.

– Key



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