Strings and Plugs

April 5, 2013 § Leave a comment

I never found my glasses

I spit my soul here and there

Round around as if in a forest in hell.


But I’ve tried.

Hell, I’ve tried.


I want to feel the cold

And heat myself up with coffee

All the day long;

But I only feel the hotness

Though I heat myself still.


I have no rear mirror to look back

So I have to turn back my head

And a gut feeling warns me

Never to walk while looking back.


I see now the strings I tender

I never meant to have them perished

And never wanted it to leave me.

Sometimes it’s not my decision to make;

Or so I guess.


So if a string is weak

and ready to die,

Let the plug go as well.

It’s useless without it.


I’ll pull it off

Rather than trying to fix it afresh.

And let it all be.


As renew is a fake word –

It conceals the past time.

And pretends it is a whole new road.


Somehow, and that’s optimistic,

I’ll find another new string and plug;

And back at start line.




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