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I’ve grown up my mind

I made up myself in time


and the itches in

in line my sides as you won’t see me

an effigy.


leather scratch

and the cold in the winter in breath

feel it


I’ve overcome

the letters you didn’t  answer me

torn words


it’s hard to attorn love

awfully lost in fouls

whether to stop me

or leave me, let me be

and fuck the logic as I see


I won’t say it hurts

but I won’t say it doesn’t too


the shallow shield

I often wear in your heels

will not break


I see no light

only a blur of intuition

but that doesn’t mean

I have to stop to stroll in.


(february, 2012) – fk.



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It’s been years I felt this weird

my lungs spit kills inside of me

and my time outside goes another round

lays me above my daunt, my daunts, all


one day, I went to a doc for a prehension

he said, “done, now you see there’s nothing wrong, no”

and I said, “so am I going crazy, alas…”


he took a long breath and shut his own mouth

but stated “you only know half your mind,

there ain’t tools to find a way out

but you’re the only one who can possibly can”


I’ve been circling since then

in my own haunt and pretends

I lack the words to suffice

to tell you that

to tell you why

and I, I will green the leaves in my time.


(sketch – 25/04/2012) -fk

many us

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Many tries

alas, to none

cheerful sides


so many smiles

up to fold

maneuver slides


we never tried

as much as

each other we fooled


it bear from us

it fools us

it leaves us

it laughs at us.


(sketch – xx/xx/2011) fk

fire rusted fire

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We are fire and solid

we  rust in cold

blame the toll as I go



you should elaborate

every **** you crush

and with your teeth

share them with me


I dip into your voice

paralyzed inside

unsettle the easy hove


I give my ear for you to whisper

for me to share with myself

strung me when I’m cold



lend me your hands

and every loud noise

listen with me every loud noise

every silent one


with time, I reanimate the fire

which was already rusted

with your lips into mine

share your doubts.


(xx/xx/2009) – fk

silent noise

April 23, 2012 § 1 Comment

draw me,

draw me

shatters broken near your faceside

and you wonder why


there’s a lantern on your go

and your shaking hands, I’ll low

and flaws there are none

that brought me, it prones


tell me what raw noises

and tell me what raw noises

would you prefer to hear

to lean lonely

or to bear in silence,

to bear in silence.


and in time I’ll knock

in your door in the near

as it faces the lake

I’ll fear


those silence and noises

and those silent sounds

and would you prefer to listen

or draw your own loud

into our madness together

but alone and not here

gray sky

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Look at that gray sky over my head

and tell me –

isn’t sad that I live here

on this so called land of opportunity


Everyday the sky seems to cry

it’s lost its white

and there are no signs

that any thing’s gonna come back

it’s only sad


Look at the sun hiding from us

or is it us that are hiding from it?

should it be this way?

and everything that’s pure comes away

we are turning into a gray mass

and there’s no comeback


Give me one real reason to live here

one real reason to stand still

losing my mind and sanity

mad people from there to here

there’s only chaos

and no dignity


(xx/xx/2011)  Fabio Key

autumn leaves

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[verse 1 + 2]

Wind blows hard

your shoes were not laced

a graced little smile

and you gave itself away.


Afternoon wonders

over all the sights

from mountain tops to green plains

from thee to mine’s


with a shave across time

and the path that sets us afar?

howls adorning with lights

holding firm to the lines

that hold ‘em to the ground.



Autumn leaves

leaves me nothing to perceive,

Unaware of your thoughts

in the back of my mind.


Little verses of you

I seek to find

and piece to piece

and them all I hope will alight.

will your eyes notice any signs?


[verse 2 + 3]

Silent words

speaks your name

instead of the rhymes.


Have you ever seen flowers

cachet claimed

near lakes that allied?


Unfolded doors

for us to come in and out

a hand scrapes my arm.

and I felt I let you down,

a tale I can’t tell

weaving, regarded or lives

those shivering hands cannot write.



has any year to come

among the kids you see –

something let you down

but then don’t come to me


[chorus 2]

Autumn leaves

carry acorns to perceive,

for the old saying that you know well

how it goes


One day those mighty oaks

will stop to grow


When all will leave

and believe us alone in tide

– will arrive



I ween you seen the shores

near the shivering sands

chosen matters or don’t really understand

the fact that, as the leaves, I won’t leave you once again

sometimes I may begone but that’s not for me to know

– not for me to know.



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