August 7, 2012 § Leave a comment

From those lies I carry in my fingers high

smoke is exhaled throughout lacerations

carry hybrid rations for its mind

traveling from body to body, side to side

smelling as bad as your mouth once tasted.


I venture to ignite my hand in its direction

towards what I see but I do not believe

punching dry, those fists of mine,

closed tight as the Pope’s secret domicile

in a wooden box made of iron melting in summertides.


Billions points of view

none shall raise an eye

Blabber apocalypse and evil minds

we already live the doom we fear

it is scalding for a reason.


The feather touches the dirty ground you pray we kiss

millions circling in desperation

with no self-respect inborn laid soul

the wealth is your paradise.


Few perceives although I see thy eyes staring at sides

squinting the flanks in which your fruits keep dry

as the cocoon in casket you once were

even if still empty you still are.


It is with no hatred I tell this tale,

the fakedox is cramped inside,

and, locked,

Fearing it is never coming out.


– Key.


Wind up (unfinished)

June 21, 2012 § Leave a comment

So we wind up

we crash the bones inside

we turn all hides

and we go


So we wind up

let fists come by

and lose its mind

but we won’t


The plains are calm

the woods are down

and the blame is yours




Closed-eyes lyrics

April 30, 2012 § Leave a comment

There are days I want to keep my eyes opened

so I cannot pretend I am not living this life

so I cannot run from my troubles aside

so I cannot turn my face to all the people around


But it is hard sometimes

so hard sometimes


I try to prove in lyrics what I feel or felt

but the words end mashed up

in the garbage can in the foot of my bed

I look up and down

And I close my eyes

and run off all over again


I have curiosity over my future

and I wonder who will might up be there

And shave the thoughts of me and you

but I cannot pretend


But it is so hard sometimes

and I give in my temptations


Sometimes I try to please people I don’t know any good

and they turn me down

and they forget about me

It is not that I care

but I ask myself why do I do this

and when am I gonna be cured

from all this curse in me


I could never be optimistic

and I think I’ll never be

and this words will prove me right

or die along with me


But it is hard sometimes

and so I close my eyes


But it is hard sometimes

and so I close my eyes


And I know I am wrong

but for some minutes I can at least pretend.


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