five and mad

May 17, 2013 § Leave a comment

I stare at the clock –

it is fucking 5 AM.

Hitting itself,



And I’ve got nowhere to go

I hear no thoughts

and bear no light

but it’s still so dark outside.


Come to think

it is not I who stares at the clock

it is the clock watching me

and it never judges

although everything it sees

every second be.


It channels me –

wakes me up,

puts me to sleep.

Although it’s never so simple.




I see the morning awaking

June 30, 2012 § Leave a comment

I see the morning awaking

Its lights blues in my face

Was I close to faint

My eyes I scratch as I become sane.


A stout man

Full of dreams

I had born in me.


Although I lay

in my berth

Hundred times in days

But I come,

O, I come,

Undone as the morning goes.


I live the black

I snooze in gray

I awake in blue

I die in noon.


I see the morning awaking

But it is time

I’d rather sleep, tired.


I see the morning awaking

I wonder why

I look so deep in the sky.


Thinking thigh

Clinching mine

I see the morning awaking

deep upwards in sky.

– Key.

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